Yoga Knowhow

Yoga Knowhow is an educational project for people who want to know more about Yoga than just poses. It is meant for those seeking to increase their awareness.

The practice of Yoga can give a false impression of effort. For this reason, Yoga Knowhow desires to spread the knowledge needed for you to use all the tools accessible in this ancient discipline.

The Team behind Yoga Knowhow has focused on Pranayama as a starting point, as breathing is the essence of life.

Our purpose is to make contact with all the pillars of the Yoga cosmos. In addition to Pranayama, we plan to continue working on asana’s (poses), mantras and meditation videos. We set up a toolbox with those pillars, in order to build a strong foundation, deeply anchored in your personality and life.

A good mind-set and a healthy body contribute to a better life. Our aim as a team is to provide the tools how to apply this knowledge in daily life.

Moreover, we aim to inspire you to practice and to keep practising. Supporting you to grow as a human being, to become strong and balanced.

Yoga Knowhow offers a solution for people who want to practice and understand the Yogic discipline in a deep way, by providing a wide collection of Yoga lessons and exercises available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Om chanting
Pranayama Picture 3
Pranayama Breathing


No prior experience required. Young, old, Yogi's and Newbies can all benefit from our programs.


Structured approach and full access to exercises. All lessons are audio guided.

Chin-mudra padma-asana


Set up your timetable and keep practicing wherever you have a connected device.

Hd Videos

All our Pranayama breathing courses come in high definition videos, hosted on our Youtube Channel.



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