Yogi Sundar

Following a traumatic childhood, Yogi Sundar left home as an adolescent. Learning to find his way in the world as a misplaced youngster, he found himself riding a motorbike across India. Everywhere he went he found Yoga, but at this time it still didn’t catch his attention. It was not the right time.

Years later, a fatal car accident took the life of his wife, but somehow Sundar miraculously survived. With a torn aorta, brain damage and broken bones, the doctors claimed one of his legs could not be saved. He was told that he would be wheelchair-bound and was unlikely to ever walk again.

After refusing the amputation, following only several months of professional rehabilitation, he took his rehabilitation into his own hands. In this critical time, Yoga suddenly had a completely different meaning. Through years of adjusted self-practice, he regained the basic use of his legs, muscles and spine.

When he was able to travel again, in order to heal his broken body and troubled heart, he chose to return to India. The aim of this journey was to find the roots of Yoga. In India, Sundar deeply experienced the spiritual side of Yoga. But more than anything, he saw with his own eyes that Yoga is not a religion, but a way of living.

Most of his time in India was spent in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, practicing intensively with Duruv, a Yogi friend. Together, they could combine and discover several types and styles of Yoga. After a year of this intensive process, his body and mind started to heal.

Since this time, Yoga is an inseparable part of Sundar’s life, keeping him on his feet and going strong in a body that was deemed useless. The goal of Sundar’s teachings today is to make the practice of Yoga accessible to everyone, in every way, regardless of your physical state.

Yoga is union, a tool available to unite yourself with life.

Chin-mudra padma-asana


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